Galvanised Bolt, Nut and Washer Sets

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Size Range:

M12, Length (mm): 50,65,75

M16, Length (mm): 65,75,90,110,120

M20, Length (mm): 50,100,110,120,130,140,160,180

M24, Length (mm): 100,120,150,180,200,220,240


Larger sizes are available on request


Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety

Size Code Length (mm)
M12 M12050GBS 50
M12 M12065GBS 65
M12 M12075GBS 75
M16 M16065GBS 65
M16 M16075GBS 75
M16 M16090GBS 90
M16 M16110GBS 110
M16 M16120GBS 120
M20 M20050GBS 50
M20 M20100GBS 100
M20 M20110GBS 110
M20 M20120GBS 120
M20 M20130GBS 130
M20 M20140GBS 140
M20 M20160GBS 160
M20 M20180GBS 180
M24 M24100GBS 100
M24 M24120GBS 120
M24 M24150GBS 150
M24 M24180GBS 180
M24 M24200GBS 200
M24 M24220GBS 220
M24 M24240GBS 240


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