HDPE Drainpipes & Drainage System

The Advanced Piping HDPE (high-density polyethylene) drainage system range offers a complete solution for wastewater applications that is suitable for use in both trade waste & sewer applications. It has extraordinary chemical and impact resistance, as well as a high flexibility level. It is the time proven answer for trade waste and the first preference material for longevity in the plumbing industry.

The properties of HDPE drainpipes and fittings include:

  • Resistance to high temperatures – HDPE guarantees resistance to temperatures of up to 100°C and is therefore suitable for carrying waste water from washing-machines and dishwashers.
  • Elasticity –HDPE is suitable for use in buildings exposed to vibrations in earthquake prone areas and across expansion joints.
  • Resistance to UV rays – Thanks to the addition of a percentage of carbon black, HDPE can be installed in the open air without deterioration due to UV exposure.
  • Ease of jointing using welding – HDPE joints are welded (both butt and electrofusion welding), ensuring a completely airtight pipe system.
  • Low weight – HDPE is lightweight, making it easy to transport and handle.
  • HDPE cannot be glued – Owing to its high resistance to chemical agents, HDPE cannot be glued.
  • Resistance to low temperatures – The elasticity of HDPE makes pipe systems resistant to failure even when frozen.
  • Impact resistance – Thanks to its high elasticity, HDPE is resistant to impact to -40°C; meaning there is no problem carrying out installation at low temperatures.
  • Absence of clogging – The smooth surfaces of HDPE allow a perfect downflow of every kind of waste water and self-cleaning of the pipe systems.
  • Behaviour in presence of fire – HDPE does not emit any toxic gas during combustion.
  • HDPE fittings: rubber rings –Even if the rubber rings in the push-fit sockets and expansion sockets are slightly wet by waste waters, they are resistant to all the chemical agents. They are made of an elastomeric material which guarantees tightness and durability, even under extreme conditions.

The Advanced Piping HDPE Drainage system is the best in HDPE

Our HDPE fittings are manufactured with long spigots for Electrofusion welding sleeves. This means no internal bead obstructions as are common with other products that modify their butt weld fittings to suit welding sleeves by adding a pipe spigot with the usual tell-tale external and internal bead.

88.5° bends from 50mm – 160mm have a smooth swept radius. Other brands offer square elbow type bends which are proven to be blockers in all sizes and very difficult to pass a drain cleaner through.

The HDPE drainage welding sleeves offer superior jointing.  During the manufacture process the welding sleeves are stretched from the inside out giving a socket that is easily fitted and will contract back to the pipe and fittings exact OD during welding. This gives perfect fusion bonding.

The sleeves are of a good width, helping the installer with alignment and in most cases still performing correctly on an imperfectly cut pipe. This extra width also gives a superior bond with the increased fusion zone provided.

They also have a fully encapsulated element wire moulded below the inside surface. This is very important in stopping any tracking of contaminated waste via the element. Other brands have exposed welding elements which can corrode in the presence of some wastes. This in time provides a passage for liquid to escape.

Each HDPE welding sleeve has its own weld indicators one for each side of the joint, which pop up under the pressure of the welding process. These indicators show that the weld on each side of the sleeve has actually fused correctly. If both indicators haven’t popped up this would indicate misalignment or that the pipe was not inserted far enough as there was no pressure of melting plastic to push it up.  These indicators are essential to any quality installation.

Some brands have a heat sensitive sticker which changes colour after being in the presence of heat. This does not necessarily indicate that “internally” a quality weld has been completed, only that the socket has been heated. So without proper visual pop up indicators the quality of joint can be a guess.

HDPE silt traps from Advanced Piping Systems are of superior quality, and specifically designed for ease of use rather than price alone. We offer a bucket with perforated stainless steel mesh and extended handle for ease of cleaning and block free operation.

Advanced Piping Systems has more than 24 years experience in the HDPE industry and are true HDPE specialists. Our stock range is extensive and ready for immediate supply. Or if you have a unique project, Advanced Custom, our fabrication division, provides you a customised solution for almost any application in HDPE.

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