we’ve got your back

Planned or unplanned shutdowns – we’ve got your back

We can prove it with our winning formula


Rapid Response
2 hour quotes*

Our Rapid Response team are avilable from 7:00am to 5:00pm 5 days a week. We strive to turn quotes around in 2 hours.

*subject to drawings

A client had a problem with corrosive steel pipe currently shutdown with looming flash flooding. They called us at 10:00am and we gave them a quote in 3 hours. We delivered the custom prefab HDPE spools and they where back up and running in 10 days.


Trust in the right product & solution

Trust – breadth of experience, integrity

A client called us at 6:20am needing a 355mm SDR11 short radius bend to extend 500mm on each end, we gave them a quote in 1 hour. We delivered the product by plane in 2 hours.


Our promise to deliver on time

Guaranteed delivery time based on quotation requirements with real time scheduling. Dedicated transport suppliers.

We fabricated a custom poly pipe stand for an urgent mining shutdown. We began production the next day on the 3m wide x 5m high and 5m long structure. The poly pipe stand was delivered on site in 7 days.


No back orders and no delays

Personal service, experience, within budget and delivered in its entirety.

= Minimised downtime

How prepared are you?

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