The APS Flange Finder Tool

The APS Flange Finder Tool

17 July 2021

Welding neck, slip-on, socket-weld, stub-end…with so many types of flanges and tables used in poly piping, knowing which flange is best for your project can be a challenging task.

That’s where Advanced Piping Systems’ flange finder tool comes in.  

Our flange finder tool can sort through approximately 500,000 possible flange combinations from across the globe, to help you quickly match your flange dimension and specifications to a valve, pump, new or existing equipment.

The tool will calculate the exact flange, or the closest two or three to choose from.

It is particularly useful when none of the standard flanges match the flanges at your disposal – a frequent occurrence in Australia, with so much equipment sourced from Europe and the United States. 

To use Advanced Piping Systems’ flange finder tool, simply enter the bolt hole diameter, the distance from the centre of one hole to the centre of the opposite side bolt hole (known as the PCD pitch circle diameter) and the number of bolt holes in total around the flange. 

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