Quality and service key to watertight customer relationships

Quality and service key to watertight customer relationships

12 February 2021

At Advanced Piping Systems, we pride ourselves on the quality of our HDPE pipe and custom fabrication services, which play a crucial role in the operations of some of Australia’s most significant water treatment facilities.

In fact, as experts in the civil and industrial sector, we’ve been a trusted supplier to some of Australia’s largest desalination and water recycling projects for almost 10 years. 

Area Sales Manager, Paul Narancic, has managed Advanced Piping Systems’ long-standing relationships with these projects. 

“We’ve worked on multiple projects in multiple locations,” explains Paul.

“We work closely with construction teams to deliver solutions that are on time and on budget; and they rely on us to fabricate solutions to their exact specifications.

“One example is specialised HDPE spooling; we fabricate custom HDPE spooling that is designed to fit exactly into their systems or machinery, or whatever else they are building at the time. 

“As HDPE specialists, we can create spooling that ranges from 25mm all the way up to 1.2m in outside diameter – whatever they need, we can create.

It is this attention to detail and understanding of customers’ needs that sets Advanced Piping Systems apart from its competitors, believes Paul.

“We listen to, and understand, what the customer requires, and then remain in constant contact throughout the design and fabrication process to make sure everyone is happy.

“That’s what we’re known for in the industry – our expertise, speed, quality workmanship and ability to work closely with the client.”

The sentiment has been echoed by our clients, too. 

“APS are the ultimate professionals when it comes to HDPE – they have delivered many projects for us and every time they listen and they deliver,” said Project Manager, Jo. 

“From their material certifications and range of stock, to quality control and communication, we could not ask for anything more. 

“Their fabrication team is outstanding, and you can see the pride they have in their work.  

“Advanced Piping Systems are great at accommodating our schedule requirements and working with us to achieve the best outcome for us and our customers.”

If you operate in the mining, civil or industrial sector, contact Advanced Piping Systems today to experience our customer service difference. 

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