Quick tips for successful Electrofusion Jointing of PE pipes and fittings

1 May 2019

Electrofusion Welding

One of the most common challenges we see in the field is ensuring successful electrofusion jointing of PE systems.

Installations can be challenging, sometimes due to working in confined spaces, varying weather conditions and busy sites. BUT… it doesn’t have to be.

Maintaining a methodical approach in the preparation and installation of electrofusion systems will make the process so simple each time. That’s why we always recommend trained and accredited personnel conduct electrofusion jointing to ensure the success and longevity of the weld.

Some quick tips to make sure the process goes smoothly:

The oxidised layer on the pipe must be removed with a well fitted, high quality scraping tool; otherwise the quality of the joint can be severely compromised.

  • Using electrofusion scrapers maintains a constant thickness of scrape to the exact length of the electrofusion coupler being used.
  • Prior to inserting the pipe into the fitting, the surface must be wiped to with an Isopropanol wipe to remove any residue, then allowed to dry without adding any further contamination. Even small substances such as lint from clothing, dust or oil from skin contact can affect the weld process.
  • Using the correct sized clamps will give you the added assurance that the pipe will not move during the scraping and fusion process, keeping everything tight and straight.
  • Finally, when conducting the electrofusion jointing, the instructions of the machine must be strictly followed to allow the adequate time for heating and cooling.

On supplying electrofusion fittings we always make sure customers have the right tools and equipment for the job, giving them and us peace of mind knowing the weld will be done properly.

It takes the hard work out of it and our range of scrapers, tools and pipe preparation equipment covers all your project needs.

While there are more, detailed steps involved in the electrofusion process, these main activities highlight the importance of following the checklist and ensuring trained and accredited welders are conducting the electrofusion process.

To help you with your projects, we offer advice whenever you need it throughout your project – on the phone or on-site we also offer training at our head office facilities for electrofusion welding (and butt welding) accreditation and more information on this can be found here.

lick here to view a demonstration of an electrofusion installation.