Storing, packaging and transporting PE 100 systems with the highest level of care

Storing, packaging and transporting PE 100 systems with the highest level of care

26 November 2020

We don’t take chances when it comes to the integrity of storing and packaging our products.

At Advanced Piping, we pride ourselves on our product and service standards, all the way down the line to the packaging and delivery. We want to make sure the quality of our products remains the same from the moment it is manufactured, to the moment it arrives on your project site, which means following the right processes and guidelines for consistency.

The integrity of our PE products is guaranteed through strict adherence to PIPA Industry Guidelines for packaging, handling and storage of polyethylene fittings and pipes.

Our Logistics and Quality Assurance Manager, Ben says “As a minimum we adhere to Australian and Industry standards, we would accept no less, so neither should our customers. Our level of care for products, however, goes above that. Our team takes great pride in their work from taking the initial enquiry and understanding the order, to processing, packing and preparing the fittings for transport with care and top priority.”

On top of this, we:

  • Keep products in their original manufactures packaging on the shelf to avoid dust and grime settling on them and compromising weld quality
  • Keep a very efficient warehousing system and clearly label products to ensure they are only handled as needed and not moved around unnecessarily
  • Maintain a comprehensive dispatch process – products are carefully packet onto pallets with cardboard padding to prevent the timber from causing any damage. Product sections are then individually strapped before the whole pallet is wrapped in plastic. A top hat is then fitted to protect the pallet and its contents from the elements.

To Advanced Piping there is no room for taking chances with the integrity of products.

“When we know we’ve done our best to get the order delivered complete, on time and all whilst never compromising quality or integrity, we are happy and we know the customer will be happy.”

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