Long Spigot Fittings

It can be difficult to find a good and wide range of Long Spigot Fittings in one place, to meet all of your project needs. Advanced Piping offers you a complete range of quality polyethylene fittings with elongated spigots suitable for electrofusion or buttweld jointing.

These are generally designed for use with 39.5V Electrofusion sockets, but why not simplify the entire buttwelding process as well? Our fittings are ideal for when you’re trying to source specific lengths for an area of buttwelding fabrication.

Advanced Piping has an impressive range of long spigot fittings including; threaded adaptors, flanges, elbows, reducers,full port ball valves, transition risers and universal adaption joints (available in PE, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steels, PVC, AC and Copper). Size ranges vary by product, however most of the moulded poly fittings are available in up to 630mm.

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