Rollmaplast Electrofusion System

Advanced Piping’s Rollmaplast electrofusion system provides an easy-to-use, reliable answer to welding & joining PE pipes that is suitable for gas, potable water and industrial applications. The lightweight (5kg) Rollmaplast Electrofusion control unit recognises Rollmaplast fittings, eliminating the need for a barcode scanner or manual data input, and automatically adjusts the fusion voltage and time to apply the correct amount of energy for the fitting being welded.

Our complete range of fittings from 20 – 315mm includes sockets, elbows, tees, reducers, tapping and branch saddles and the Rollmaplast control units to purchase or hire. We also offer spares and calibration for these welders. Fittings are pressure rated to PN16 (SDR11) but are also suitable for lower pressure applications.

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