Efuze Lite Lithium Powered Electrofusion Machine
Efuze Lite Lithium Powered Electrofusion Machine
Efuze Lite Lithium Powered Electrofusion Machine

Efuze is pure innovation combining Lithium ion rechargeable batteries with smart Electrofusion control making this welder the most Advanced electrofusion welder ever produced. Whether you are welding fittings on Building & construction sites or working in Civil gas & water utilities it isn't hard to see this self contained EF welder with no need for external power source to operate, is a real game changer. Latest Technology has also enabled the Efuze to be compact & light weight. Comes mounted inside a heavy duty water proof case.  This rechargeable welder has the power to silently weld over 200 couplers* completely CO2 free. The future of welding is here, with more flexibility, reduced carbon emissions and – most importantly –reliability you can trust in.

  • Safe Work - EF welding Efuze eliminates the need for Generator, eliminates deadly carbon dioxide & No 99db(A) Genset noise from the workzone. There is no trailing power cables, no manual handling of Generator & no fuel required:
  • Efuze Light is 86% lighter than standard Generator & welder combination
  • Net Zero - Reducing carbon footprint by 98%
  • Fast Charge – via 240 v connection for the fast 1 hour charge. Can weld up to 80 mixed fittings on one charge. Can also be charged on the via 12 V car charging socket.
  • Remote control via the phone app
  • Noise pollution - Reduce noise levels by 100% - silent operation.
  • Welding Range /Everyday usage  - Able to weld from 16mm to 355mm. *Can weld 200 x 32mm couplers (EF Sockcets) on one battery charge.
  • Cheaper operation - One full battery charge cost 20 cents. (average cost)
  • Ease of operation - One hour to charge from flat to full using mains.  Can weld 80 mixed-size fittings per battery charge.
  • Charging on the go - Use van +12V auxiliary socket to charge.
  • Health & Safety - No trailing input cables on site and manual handling improved : 86% lighter than generator + welder.
  • Smart calibration - Equipment self-checks its calibration on each use.  this prevents bad welds & increases service intervals saving downtime & money.
  • Productivity- Faster welding as no generator to setup and start.
  • Reliability- Half of welding faults are caused by bad generators.  No generator required so substantially more reliable welding

Technical Specs

Operating Modes - Manual & Barcode
Welding Voltage - 8V to 48V (39½V)
Welding Current - 1A to 65A
Welding Power - 8VA to 2600VA
Weight - 14kg
Size - 44cm x 29cm x 31cm
Protection level - IP54
Operating temperature (welding) - -10oC to +45oC
Operating temperature (charging) - oC to +45oC
Supply voltage - Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

Battery Charger

Supply voltage - 100V to 240V
Supply power  - 550W (@240V) : 360W (@110V)

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Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.
Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.


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