The APS bracket spacing support tool

The APS bracket spacing support tool

27 July 2020

Thanks to its flexibility and low weight, PE pipe is well-suited for many ‘above-ground’ applications, requiring both horizontal and vertical suspension.

When suspending PE pipe, it’s critical that the correct number of brackets are used and spaced correctly.

That’s where Advanced Piping Systems’ bracket spacing support tool comes in handy!

Not only will correct bracket spacing ensure your suspended PE pipe is adequately supported, it will also prevent sagging, and potential pipe damage. 

If not enough brackets are used to suspend a pipe, the point loading will be greater and can cause kinking and wear through rubbing – either through expansion, or vibration. In time, this will cause your pipe to rupture. 

Therefore, we recommend using the Advanced Piping Systems’ bracket spacing support tool whenever you are suspending a poly pipe of any size – from a tiny 20mm, to one metre in diameter.  


How to use Advanced Piping Systems’ bracket spacing support tool

Advanced Piping Systems’ bracket spacing support tool has been specifically designed for PE100 Piping, and provides a quick and uncomplicated way to calculate the number of brackets required for your suspended pipe.

To use the bracket spacing support tool, simply input your pipe size and SDR or PN, and the tool will then calculate your recommended support span for that size and class of pipe.

Advanced Piping Systems stock a range of brackets, including the galvanized conventional (links) u bolts, two-piece brackets and saddles, as well as a new and very successful range of PP pipe clips –7 brackets (link) that are available from 20mm – 400mm. These are especially useful in corrosive environments.

You can access Advanced Piping Systems’ bracket spacing support tool here. 

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