Mill avoids expensive shutdowns as flood waters rise

Mill avoids expensive shutdowns as flood waters rise

12 May 2019

With a maintenance shutdown due to severe corrosion of a steel inbound water pipe and a short lead time, things took a turn for the worst.

Torrential rain was forecast to fall, surrounding the town cutting off access to the mine.

The call was put in to the custom fabrication team at Advanced Piping who worked around the clock to produce the required custom prefab HDPE spools.  4 days later, the order was on it’s way in a race to get ahead of the impending weather system.

Just 10 days from the alarm being raised the installation was complete and the Mill ready to resume processing.

After installation torrential rain fell surrounding the local town with floodwaters cutting off access to the mine. The expensive crisis was diverted.

Well done to all involved and the team at the Mill.

Advanced Piping Systems are there to help reduce shutdown and to keep your plant moving.

With expert fabrication born from solving complex problems for over 25 years combined with our rapid response approach we get you up & running in no time.

Need help fast, call the advance team now on 1300 362 229 or  request a copy of our catalogue and look over our extensive range.

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