Beyond pipes – your mining questions answered

Beyond pipes – your mining questions answered


Beyond pipes – your mining questions answered

Mine projects are inherently unique, each presenting a set of challenges and specifications that require customised solutions. However, it’s often surprising how many questions that arise are surprisingly common. 

From custom HDPE fabrication for pipes and fittings to quality assurance processes and stock availability. We’ve got the answers you need. 

We asked Ripley Craig from our customer service team to answer the five most frequent questions our team receives every day and explain how our expertise can simplify the complexities you encounter in the mining industry.

We know you can customise fabricate for pipes, but can you also fabricate fittings?

Yes, we absolutely can! With a 30-year track record, most of our projects come from the mining industry, often involving high-pressure applications.

We offer prefabrication for various sizes, ranging from the smallest to up to 1200 ml, including standard segmented bends, fabricated tees, and junctions. Our services encompass the full spectrum of plastic fabrication methods, along with the standard fittings necessary for custom projects. 

We take pride in considering ourselves the premier custom HDP fabricator in Australia, thanks to our large, specially trained, highly experienced team.

Are the items in your catalogue in stock?

We maintain a substantial stock of most products within standard mining size ranges, from 63ml up to 630 ml, sometimes even larger. 

Our recently updated website provides live stock updates. This allows you to locate your required parts and obtain real-time information on their availability, ensuring transparency in the process.

How do I know my prefabricated order won’t have issues?

When adhering to tight schedules, you want assurance that your order will arrive on-site, appropriately packed, and on time. 

Our Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) process that’s setting a new industry standard and is constantly challenging us to seek improvements and enhance our products and processes.

Transparency is key for us. That is why we provide updates at every stage of the process. This includes full world traceability and material data reports, and in-house hydro testing to ensure the functionality of your order. 

We meticulously pack your order to ensure both safe delivery and efficient on-site handling. This spares your team the frustration of searching for specific items.

Prefabricating a product to specifically meet your needs also means our installation time is kept to a minimum and your site can quickly get back to the work. 

Our mission is simple: to provide the right product, properly packed, and on time. While these may seem like small details, they significantly enhance the overall process. We understand that our customers are human beings who want to complete their job efficiently, return home to their families, and enjoy their personal time. Being in remote mine sites doesn’t make you any different. 

Our engineer is telling us we need steel pipes – why should we consider HDPE?

HDPE piping has come a long way. We can now fabricate poly pipes to the same stress tolerance and measurements as steel. What’s more, you are going to get a plastic pipe that is more durable, chemical resistant, UV resistant, rust resistant… the list goes on.

With our expertise, we recognise that even experienced engineers may find it challenging to keep up with the myriad options on the market. This is why we like to collaborate with project leads to ensure that your project includes exactly what it needs. 

If we spot something that doesn’t align with your requirements, we’ll bring it to your attention. Even if it means asking more questions than the average supplier would. This ensures you receive the exact items and solutions you need.

Can you come to our site?

We frequently travel to sites to assess projects and provide guidance well before the Request for Quotation (RFQ) stage. We are on the front foot from the outset. Furthermore, we engage with project managers and engineers, examine the space where the piping will be installed, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your project’s unique needs, all to deliver the outcome you desire.

More questions? 

If you have a question that we haven’t addressed, Ripley and our experienced customer service team are here to help. 

To speaking to a member of the team, simply open the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or click here for more details


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