Debottlenecking Episode 3

Debottlenecking Episode 3


Debottlenecking Episode 3

Customised solutions

For more challenging and unique situations, Advanced Piping Systems has the expertise to offer HDPE solutions for your specific needs. This was the ideal solution for a recent customer with four pipes in one location. The customer was worried that a steel option wouldn’t offer the necessary long-term durability. Our engineers drafted and manufactured a custom compound angle, four-way junction in HDPE. A material the client had never used in that particular situation. This custom solution fits perfectly into place, and the client has been very pleased with its performance and ongoing results.

Planning, planning, planning

Proper planning during the initial stages is crucial to avoid bottlenecks in your pipeline system.

Every new plant requires adjustments, often identified during the commissioning stage. At this stage, modifications like incorrect pipe sizing or low-performance fittings, initially chosen to save costs, become evident through production tests.

Working closely with our poly-pipe experts ensures you select the best options for your plant, guaranteeing everything is done right from the start.

Predictive maintenance offers established plants an ideal opportunity to foresee issues and improve processes. Aligning scheduled maintenance with de-bottlenecking minimizes shutdown durations, extends your plant’s lifespan, and potentially increases production feed rates.

Work with an expert

Identifying risks before they become an issue is central to the smooth running of a large plant. Using the most efficient pipes and fittings best suited to your project will help ensure your overall system continues to perform at its best for a long time to come.

Our experts provide leading advice and industry best practices. Making sure you have the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your HDPE or poly piping.

Contact one of our experts and discover the advanced way to improve your pipeline system with proper planning and expert advice.

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