Barcode interpretation for Electrofusion Poly Welding

8 October 2020

Electrofusion Welding

This morning, we had an urgent call from a customer out on site, wanting to double check the weld time for a 63mm electrofusion socket as he was surprised it only takes 65-70 seconds. Best to double check we say, so off we went out to the warehouse to check an EF socket on the shelf. Sure enough, 65 seconds is all it requires.

This of course varies for different sized sockets so the best way to check is on the barcode of the EF fitting itself, which is following the manufacturers’ recommendation.

Barcode Interpretation for Electrofusion Poly Welding

The barcode has 24 numbers in it, most of which can be interpreted by using an industry wide method.


  • 1-8 = Manufacturers mark
  • 9-11 = Dimension (eg 63mm)
  • 13-14 = Fusion current in voltage
  • 16-18 = Electrical resistance in OHM
  • 19-21 = Fusion time in seconds
  • CT = Cooling Time

 Click here to see a demonstration of an electrofusion weld and when the barcode is scanned in the welding process. Or call us for a full production information sheet.

The Purpose of a Barcode

In poly welding, Electrofusion (EF) welding parameters must be strictly followed to ensure a successful joint.

  • Manual EF welding is done following strict instructions relevant to the pipe and fitting dimensions and manufactures information, with data entered manually into the control unit.
  • Automatic EF welding using a control unit with a barcode scanner ensures the information is 100% correct for that fitting and ensures a fully automated and controlled data entry.

Control units should operate with barcode marked fittings according to ISO 13950, with a maximum output of 48 Volts. Control units should include safety devices to prevent voltages greater than recommended by the manufacturer. The safety device should operate in less than 0.5 sec. The user should check the suitability of the control unit for use with the fitting supplier. (REF: Pipa Recommendations for Electrofusion Welding Specifications