HDPE provides long-term solution for high pressure sewer system

HDPE provides long-term solution for high pressure sewer system


HDPE provides long-term solution for high pressure sewer system

With extensive experience supplying complete pressure pipe systems for commercial plumbing projects across Australia and internationally, Advanced Piping Systems is now expanding its offer further to support the long-term capability of the high-pressure sewage market.

Recently, our team supported a commercial plumbing company in the New South Wales Central Tablelands to install a high-pressure sewer system.

“The system needed to move sewage from individual dwellings to a sewerage collection and treatment site, in a remote area with particularly hilly terrain,” Matthew Gooden, Advanced Piping Systems’ Business Development Manager, said.

“So, a standard gravity sewer just wasn’t going to cut the mustard…the terrain meant that they needed to apply a large amount of pressure to the pipe system to pump sewage.

Advanced Piping Systems provided all required PE100 electrofusion fittings.

“The system that was installed uses sewer grinder pumps in pits and individual pressure sewer rising mains,” Matthew said.

“From there, the sewage is pumped to the central collection point, before making its way in a large sewer rising main to its final destination: the treatment plant.”

Having the required products in stock, involvement in the project from the get-go and regular communication ensured the success of the project.

“Our team, along with the plumbing crew, worked really collaboratively to provide the best solutions and outcomes for the project,” Matthew said.

“We were able to deliver the fittings quickly and easily to the site, thanks to the required materials being in-stock and on the shelf at our large warehouse.

“Another success factor was that we were able to provide technical solutions in the initial stages of the project design, which ultimately made the project run smoothly.

“We also worked with the plumber to set timelines for each delivery and ensured open communications throughout the project, so all parties were kept up to date, enabling the project to come in on time and on budget.

“They have now installed a product that will last many more years than PVC would have and will work effectively to do the job really well over a long period of time.”

HDPE: the perfect solution for high-pressure sewage projects

Because of HDPE’s overall durability, pressure ratings and resistance to the toxic substances such as uric acid, it was the perfect solution for this project in New South Wales.

When compared to PVC pipe, poly pipe is an ideal solution for many other high-pressure sewage projects too, thanks to its higher-pressure rating, which makes it more resistant to crack and corrosion, and ultimately, more cost-effective.

Being Australia’s number one supplier of HDPE pipe and fittings, Advanced Piping Systems stocks a range of products suited to the high-pressure sewage market.

These include FOX EF & spigot fittings, as well as our PE to brass and 316 Stainless Steel transition fittings, which we stock in bulk specifically for these projects:

Since 1990, we have also worked with commercial plumbers to deliver accredited installation training courses, providing large and small contractors alike the confidence and expertise to work with poly pipe systems.

To find out more about how Advanced Piping Systems can improve the long-term capability of the high-pressure sewage project, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today.

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