Butt Fusion welding checklist

Butt Fusion welding checklist

15 December 2020

  • Trim the pipe ends all the way around
  • Clean the heater plates
  • When clamping the pipes in place, use the clamps to re-round the pipes
  • Correct procedure: Ask for evidence of recent, random weld inspections by your supervisors


  1. Measure the drag pressure
  2. Check the right fusion pressure
  3. Add the two together for the overall pressure setting


  1. Set the right heater place temperature (usually in the reange of 200-240C
  2. Give enough heat soak time for the pipe ends to fully heat up
  3. Keep dwell time down so the pipe ends don’t cool before contact


  1. Aim for less than 1mm misalignment
  2. For thicker pipes, misalignment must not exceed 10% of the pipe wall thickness (e.g. for 18mm thick pipe, no more thatn 1.8mm)

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