Leading vs Lagging Indicators checklist

Leading vs Lagging Indicators checklist

5 December 2020

This checklist will help you establish and use the right indicators for your projects.


  • Review relevant data and reports of your last five projects
  • Collaborate with others to finalise leading indicators in every area of performance
  • Identify sources of data for leading indiacators
  • Set benchmarks for both leading and lagging indicators
  • Set your target performance level
  • Decide what leading indicators require which type of action (and when!)

During the project

  • Classify data into operations, project, and behaviours
  • Review data weekly and compare to benchmarks
  • Take action immediately when needed to keep project performance and changes


  • Close the loop for your team with a final performance report
  • Compare project performance with previous projects to identify trends
  • Review the performance of your indicators. What worked well? What was a challenge? What can you repeat next time? What needs to change?

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