Poly Welding Training & Accreditation

Poly Welding Training & Accreditation

13 June 2019

As Australia’s specialist supplier of PE fittings and piping systems, we recognise the importance of quality and training.

At Advanced Piping Systems we offer comprehensive training courses to promote greater industry knowledge, training and best practises for optimum outcomes in the use of PE pipe & fittings throughout the industry.

The following nationally accredited courses are held regularly at our Adelaide training facility and on-site training can also be arranged at your convenience for groups as required:

  • PMEWELD301B – Butt Weld Polyethylene Pipelines
  • PMEWELD302B – Electrofusion Weld Polyethylene Pipelines

Need immediate help in the field? Our sales team are qualified butt and electro fusion welders and can help you on the phone or on-site to get your project started… and finished!

Click here to request further information or call us on 1300 789 178.

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