Forged Reducing Tees made with the highest precision

Forged Reducing Tees made with the highest precision

8 February 2019

Whether you’re in mining, civil works or another industry that uses poly fittings, Advanced Piping’s custom made forged reducing tees can be fabricated to your exact specifications.

Our Advanced Custom manufacturing team are fully trained and accredited in poly welding and their experience and skills are second to none. This ensures we can meet your custom requirements with a fast turnaround whilst maintaining the highest level of quality assurance.

Custom forged reducing tees are pressure rated and available in:

  • 200mm – 800mm range
  • SDRs from 26 – 7.4

Our expert staff are on hand to help tailor a customised solution to meet your needs. Or talk to us about our superior range of moulded poly fittings, specific to your project.

Call us on 1300 789 178 or view more of our fabricated fittings here.

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