A complete solution for BHP’s tailings storage facility

A complete solution for BHP’s tailings storage facility


A complete solution for BHP’s tailings storage facility

Advanced Piping Systems has been proudly supplying BHP’s most significant deposit of copper, gold, and uranium for many years.

In this time, BHP has become a valued partner with our products and fabrications installed in various areas of the mine.

Recently, we were contracted to supply a tightly spaced steel skid structure for a tailings storage facility at the Olympic Dam site by a pipeline and field services contractor.

Designed to store toxic waste and sludge produced by the mine’s processing plant, the tailings storage facility is also required to protect the environment and native birdlife.

Matthew Gooden, Advanced Piping Systems’ Business Development Manager (QLD), said Advanced Piping Systems was chosen to supply the project because of its complete service offering, and proximity to the site.

“The contractor knew us from years in the industry and chose us because they wanted someone that could work with steel and poly pipes, assembly, and hydro-testing, and they wanted the ability to come into our premises to check on progress,” he said.

“Advanced Piping Systems were local in Adelaide, close to Olympic Dam, and we have a huge premises.”

To deliver the tailings storage facility, Advanced Piping Systems undertook polyethylene fabrication, supplied fittings and painted steel skids, and completed hydrotesting and stringent quality assurance processes.

Advanced Piping Systems also overcame multiple design and testing specification challenges by problem solving and remaining flexible, to deliver a complete, one-lift solution.

“We delivered a complete one lift solution they can take to the site, all tested and assembled, and ready to go.”

To learn more about our prefabrication solutions and experience in the mining sector, reach out to our experienced sales team today.

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