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No matter the industry or location, Advanced Piping Systems’ extensive off-the-shelf range and team of highly skilled piping specialists can provide and deliver a complete solution for your project.

With more than 35 years of experience in the mining, water treatment and civil and irrigation industries, Advanced Piping Systems’ knowledge of best practice application ensures project managers, engineers and maintenance managers achieve successful project delivery, every time.

Our commitment to understanding customer requirements and our ability to offer an alternative solution is key to our service offering.

Civil contracts that require the transition from concrete to PE requires quality management and expertise. Advanced Piping Systems have extensive experience assisting large civil project managers in the transition and providing the confidence to meet tight deadlines and achieve a smooth transition.

From sign-off, our Project Management team will maintain your project and delivery schedules using our “10 Steps to Project Success” model.

Project Success

From procurement to fabrication, warehousing to logistics, you’ll be kept in the loop on your project’s status with our real-time online scheduling system allowing for complete transparency and traceability.

  • Mining

    HDPE pipe is ideal for a variety of mining applications. Renowned for its toughness, corrosion immunity and excellent chemical resistance, HDPE pipe is the preferred piping material on mining sites throughout Australasia.

    Advanced Piping Systems’ comprehensive product range and vast stock holdings of PE100 pipe systems, allow for complete, efficient supply solutions to the Australasian mining industry.  Be sure to read out latest Case Study.


  • Civil

    Engineered to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions, the strength and durability of poly piping systems make it the ideal choice for the civil sector, including infrastructure, motorways, under large commercial buildings, and mainland civil sites.

    From large scale municipal infrastructure projects to residential developments, Advanced Piping Systems has the knowledge and experience to assist with any civil or industrial pipeline project.  Be sure to read out latest Case Study.

  • Water Treatment

    HDPE products are the first preference material for longevity in the water treatment and plumbing industry, for use in wastewater treatment, desalination, industrial water and sewage treatment projects.

    Advanced Piping Systems offers complete solutions for plumbing and water treatment with several ranges available to service industry-specific requirements including drainage, water and main applications. Advanced Piping Systems’ range of poly pipe and fittings include sockets, elbows, tees, reducers, branch fittings, tapping saddles and more.  Read our latest Water Treatment Case Study.

  • Irrigation

    Advanced Piping Systems carries several ranges to service the requirements of specific irrigation industries, including gas, drainage, municipal water management, and fire main applications. Other industries that are starting to use poly pipe for irrigation include farming and agriculture, horticulture, viticulture.

    HDPE products are the first preference material for longevity in irrigation. Our wide range of products are ideal for a variety of irrigation applications, including water service mains, potable water, recycled/reclaimed water, fire ring mains, dam pipelines, irrigation and pump lines.  Read out latest Irrigation Case Study.


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Advanced Piping Systems Capabilities

With a highly skilled sales and customer service team of certified electrofusion and butt welders, Advanced Piping Systems provides off-the-shelf and custom prefabricated solutions using the latest international fittings and pipe systems technology. Advanced Piping Systems are committed to understanding each customer’s unique needs, so that every job is delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standards.