Extrusion welding checklist

Extrusion welding checklist

22 December 2020

Extrusion welding checklist

Before you begin

  • Check that there’s enough extrusion rod for the job
  • Clear the welder of any old material
  • Doublecheck that the shoe matches the seam you want to make
  • Scrape away the oxidation layer on the PE pipes
  • Clean the surfaces of any mud, dust, oil, water, etc
  • Set the pipes in place – tack weld or clamp
  • Set the right temperature for the extrusion rod you’re using

As you weld

  • Preheat the surface where you’ll start welding
  • Check the angle of the welder. (How well is the extrusion folowing? Are the surfaces preheating evenly? Does your seam look straight and regular?)
  • Balance your travel speed against the extrusion rate

After you’re finished

  • Let the seam cool down before moving or adding any pressure
  • Clear extrusion welder out and leave it as clean as you can for next time

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