The APS temperature rating tool

The APS temperature rating tool

26 July 2021

Take the guesswork out of identifying the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure of a PE pipe with Advanced Piping Systems’ temperature rating tool.

Whether you need to choose an appropriate class of pipe for above-ground piping in hot subtropical climates, or undertake dewatering at a deep Super Pit with consistently warm bore water, the APS temperature rating tool should be used by anyone responsible for choosing or specifying new or replacement piping.

To use Advanced Piping Systems’ temperature rating tool, simply enter in the known operating head/pressure and temperature. You will then be able to match the closest pressure class available. To allow a further safety margin, choose a pipe in the pressure class above.  

Although pipes can be made in a particular class, the standard fittings are available in SDR17, 11 and 7.4.

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