Quick guide: Poly Buttwelding Parameter Calculator (Single Low Pressure)

Quick guide: Poly Buttwelding Parameter Calculator (Single Low Pressure)

2 February 2023

Buttwelding is the most common type of welding process used to join High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings.

The process involves the joining of two plain ends together, using high temperatures and extreme pressure.

HDPE buttwelding requires complicated formulas to work out the correct Heating and Pressure parameters.

Each of these differ for every size and Standard Dimensional Ratio (SDR).

That’s where our new Buttwelding Parameter Calculator comes in, as it helps our customers to calculate the exact formulas they need with a few simple data entries.

Our new Buttwelding Parameter Calculator is the perfect tool for Buttwelder Opperators from the plumbing, civil and mining industries as it provides clarity for these operators throughout the construction phase of a project, as they manage the important task of buttwelding several different pipes, at different specifications, before they are put into the ground.

Caleb Craig from Advanced Piping Systems said that the new Buttwelding Parameter Calculator will make life easier for operators and ensure accuracy on these large, expensive jobs.

“The standard formulas are long and hard to remember, if you make a simple error in the manual calculation your welds can fail, causing catastrophic issues down the track – this calculator will ensure no mistakes are made in these essential calculations,” he said.

“You can also save it on your smartphone, which means buttwelding operators will never have to look the formulas up from their old training course manuals – they’ll have everything they need in the palm of their hands.”

To use the Buttwelding Parameter Calculator you will simply need to take the following steps:

Input your pipe outside diameter (OD).

Select your Standard Dimensional Ratio (SDR).

Enter your machine hydraulic ram cylinder area. This must be accurate information – often this is marked on the cylinder, or you can contact the machine’s manufacturer if you’re unsure.

Enter your drag pressure – this is the amount of pressure required to just move the traveling carriage in kilopascal (kPa).

Press “Calculate” – the calculator will then provide you with your welding pressure, the heat soak time, and your cooling time.


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