A nickel in time saved nine for this international project

A nickel in time saved nine for this international project

23 October 2023

In 2022, an international mining company specialising in nickel and cobalt approached Advanced Piping Systems for assistance in a time-sensitive project related to their mine expansion.

The company’s Queensland Area Sales Manager, Andrew Chawynski, explained that the client needed support with an offshore project aimed at increasing their nickel production to meet rising global demand driven by its use in batteries and cars.

Reputable supply chain sealed the deal

The primary challenge was to fulfill quality assurance (QA) documentation requirements while adhering to tight deadlines and accommodating international time differences. 

Andrew emphasized the significance of time management in meeting the project’s demands, as the client required the installation of prefabricated products during critical shutdowns at their mine. This meant ensuring the completion and shipment of prefabrication, fittings, and pipe supply within strict timelines.

To meet these requirements, Advanced Piping Systems undertook prefabrication in Adelaide, allowing them to maintain control over product quality and packaging. Critical path inspections were also conducted by the client’s consulting engineer at the Adelaide site.

The prefabricated product was then loaded, containerised, and shipped, enabling Advanced Piping Systems to manage packaging quality and optimise freight, resulting in cost savings for the client.

The client chose Advanced Piping Systems due to our reputation for prefabrication, timely delivery, and adherence to budget constraints. 

The consultant who recommended Advanced Piping Systems was familiar with our expertise in export, prefabrication, and moulded fittings, as well as our reliable supply chain. 

This solid and high-quality supply chain, along with the company’s reputable overseas and local suppliers and efficient staff, made them an ideal partner for the project.

Our digital capabilities played a crucial role in eliminating delays

Advanced Piping Systems’ digital capabilities played a crucial role in demonstrating professionalism and providing peace of mind to the customer, as they ensured we were able to supply QA documents in real time, electronically. 

Communication challenges, such as international language barriers, were overcome by professional translators so our wording made sense to the customer. This approach minimized the risk of communication errors that could lead to delays.

The provision of prefabricated products ensured high quality and facilitated seamless and timely installation. Advanced Piping Systems maintained precision and adhered to industry tolerances, following the provided drawings. Consequently, the products could be installed without delay upon arrival at the overseas site.

A timely delivery

Despite disruptions caused by COVID-19 and freight constraints, Advanced Piping Systems successfully delivered the project on time and without any disruption to the supply chain or mining production downtime. Our strong supply network enabled us to overcome these challenges. 

As a result of this exemplary performance, the growing mine has engaged Advanced Piping Systems for future prefabrication works, serving as a testament to the team’s hard work and reliable delivery.

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