Polypropylene Pipe Clips

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Size Range: 20-400mm


Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety

Clip Type Size (mm) Code
Pop Clip 20 PPPC20
Pop Clip 25 PPPC25
Pop Clip 32 PPPC32 (1)
Lock Clip 40 PPPC40
Lock Clip 50 PPPC50
Lock Clip 63 PPPC63
Lock Clip 75 PPPC75 (2)
Lock Clip 90 PPPC90
Lock Clip 110 PPPC110
Lock Clip 125 PPPC125
Lock Clip 140 PPPC140
Lock Clip 160 PPPC160
Bolt Clip 180 PPPC180 (3)
Bolt Clip 200 PPPC200
Bolt Clip 225 PPPC225
Bolt Clip 250 PPPC250
Bolt Clip 280 PPPC280
Bolt Clip 315 PPPC315
Bolt Clip 355 PPPC355
Bolt Clip 400 PPPC400


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