Electrofusion Reducing Tees
Electrofusion Reducing Tees

HDPE 39.5V Electrofusion Reducing Tees are essential components in modern high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping systems, designed to efficiently and securely join pipes of different diameters. These tees are specifically engineered for electrofusion welding, a reliable fusion method that ensures strong and leak-free connections.

HDPE 39.5V Electrofusion Reducing Tees offer numerous advantages, including ease of installation, reduced maintenance requirements, and exceptional longevity. Their ability to accommodate varying pipe sizes while ensuring a tight, reliable fit makes them a popular choice for diverse piping configurations.  Whether used in water supply networks, gas distribution systems, or industrial applications, these tees deliver superior performance and contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of the piping infrastructure.

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Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.
Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.


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