Electrofusion Elbows 45 Degree
Electrofusion Elbows 45 Degree
Electrofusion Elbows 45 Degree

The original Electrofusion was invented and patented in 1977 by Swiss company Von Roll (manufacturer of Steel Municipal Piping and Ski Lifts). The system was then called Rollmaplast. Many systems have developed since then with the basic initial concept of embedded resistance elements in each socket and coupler still being used today.

Advanced Piping Systems 39.5 Volt Electrofusion System has increased since our beginnings in 1990 to include the large sizes used in utility piping systems today.

Giant 1 Metre diameter couplers with dual heating zones mean that situations that previously required a mechanical joint can now be accomplished with a socket to give the ultimate leak proof fully fused system.

The question is often asked: "should we buttweld or electro-fuse?", we can help you with this, as both have their place and as the industry has matured there is increasing numbers of projects that utilise both buttwelding and electrofusion welding on the same pipeline.

Advanced Piping recognise this, and have a large range of buttfusion and electrofusion welding machines available for short and long-term hire.

Please note that Advanced Piping Systems' EF sockets and couplers are manufactured from Virgin PE100 resin and are compatible with any barcode reading, or manual programmable welding machine.

Please check the welding machines capacity first, however, as large EF sockets have a higher current/amp requirement. Advanced EF sockets are available in up to 1600mm.

EF Sockets can also weld a range pipe classes above & below their own rating pressure rating will be limited to the lessor. This means they can also be used as an SDR transition very effectively.

Advanced Piping Systems' EF sockets are available in:

  • PN25 SDR 7.4 – 32mm – 400mm
  • PN20 SDR9 - 450 - 630mm
  • PN16 SDR11 20mm – 1200mm
  • PN10 SDR17 from 355mm to 1600mm
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Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.
Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.


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