Chemical Resistance

We recently noticed the increased need for high pressure fittings and reducers, required for projects where higher safety margins were being enforced.

Higher pressure-rated PE pipes and fittings are needed where instances of pressure spikes (e.g. shutting off valves) or higher temperatures occur.

Our high-pressure range ensures we have the right products for our customers. We take safety very seriously and want to make sure our products deliver in those cases where safety margins cannot be compromised from SDR11 (PN16) or SDR9 (PN20) specifications.

You can rely on our quality and expertise to deliver to these standards. Our specialised range of PN25 fittings and pipe provides exceptional quality and durability for high pressure applications and includes electrofusion sockets, long spigot stub flanges, long spigot 45-degree and 90-degree elbows, moulded equal tees, hybrid equal tees, concentric reducers, buttweld stub flanges and buttweld reducers.

We can also customise fittings that are fully rated, even up to PN20 and PN25, without the need for deration or bore restriction. That means that pipelines can be fully pressure-rated with unrestricted flow. Speak to us today about how we can help with your project.


Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.

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