Shouldered Ends
Shouldered Ends

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PE 100 shoulder ends give a new choice of connection and easy disconnection particularly to the mining industry. Not to be confused with roll groove, shouldered systems are normally utilised with steel pipe systems. Advanced Piping sees the need for flexibility, and noting the demand for two bolt clamps, we designed a weldable end to suit the Dixon, Minsup and Victaulic Clamps. Although HDPE shoulder ends won’t offer the pressure class of steel shouldered piping their excellent non-corrosive and abrasion resistance makes the combination of Poly Pipe with the two bolt steel clamps a perfect alternative for lower pressure dewatering and slurry applications. Advanced Piping shouldered ends also feature a double reinforced shoulder (second lump/ring) – this gives the pipe end additional hoop strength over single shouldered ends machined from a stub flange. Some contractors say that when they have a worn or scored end the second shoulder allows them to plane back to this, and keep using the pipe. This is easily done in a buttwelder by using the planer/facing tool. Available in stock SDR11 - Sizes 50mm to 450mm and SDR17, 90 to 450mm. We also machine special SDRs to order, as well as larger sizes in 500 and 630mm.


Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.
Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.

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