Sweep Bend 45 degree
Sweep Bend 45 degree
Sweep Bend 45 degree

At Advanced Piping 45-degree seamless bends, also known as sweeps or radius bends, are manufactured by bending pipe. Sweep bends are the best performing bend available and will be beneficial in high wear or high-pressure applications.

In some situations, it may be beneficial use two 45-degree bends instead of one 90-degree bend. This option can increase performance and decrease wear. Advanced Piping stock 45-degree and 90-degree sweep bends in large numbers so that we are ready when you are, and delivery is immediate.

If you require a non-standard angle we will manufacture this quickly to order. Our sweep bends have a generous spigot that is in tolerance for electrofusion welding.

If you are buttwelding, the spigot and bend can be trimmed to suit both in length and angle, which is a real benefit when desired angles are unknown.

For cutting and trimming the angle of sweep bends, we recommend marking the circumference of the cut with a diameter tape and China graph wax pencil (link). On site we recommend using an 18v battery reciprocating saw with a long 316 stainless blade (link) see our tools section for both accessories.

Advanced Piping 45-degree sweeps are stocked from SDR17 PN10 and SDR11 PN16. Larger Bends from 710-1200 and SDR9 and 7.4 are manufactured to order. 32mm – 630mm 45-degree and 90-degree sweeps are available from stock.


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Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.
Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.


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