Tapping Saddles 63mm
Tapping Saddles 63mm
Tapping Saddles 63mm

Live tapping of fully pressurised water and gas mains has been made easy with Advanced Piping Systems’ poly fusion saddles.

Each saddle has a clamp that fastens the saddle firmly to the prepared poly pipe prior to fusion. There is a resistance heating element which is moulded around the tapping saddles outlet. During welding the EF welder controls the fusion process, powering the element that then melts both the PE100 pipe and saddles surface to homogeneously bond them together permanently. Every tapping saddle has its own stainless-steel cutting device. The unique design of this device is very important for an installation that is free from contamination and leakage.

The cutting device, when wound down, will cut a swarf-free core through the pipe wall and permanently capture the coring plug. The cutter has multiple seals and works as a valve until fully wound back anticlockwise to open the tapping tee and allow the water or gas to flow. The cutter and mounting kit remain as part of the saddle installation, with a tamper proof sealing cap completing the installation.

Advanced Piping Systems’ electrofusion tapping tees are suitable for both above and below ground installation on water and fluids. For further info, see our trapping saddle installation instructional video on the Advanced Piping Systems YouTube channel.

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Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.
Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.


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