Towing Heads
Towing Heads

Towing Heads have a large variety of uses among the top of them being pipe winching, directional drilling (HDD), dispensing coiled pipe, and moving above-ground pipelines around on site. Each towing head comes with high tensile drop forged steel eyebolts, and solid aluminum noses. This tool is especially useful when towing plastic pipe through a hole and when installing HDPE pipelines or conduit, particularly when directional drilling methods is used. Simply fit the towhead onto the end of a pipe and secure it by rotating the eye until it is tight. Tow heads have an eyebolt, which be can tighten or loosen, making the grippers expand against the inside of the pipe wall causing it to lock in unless undone. An optional lifting eyebolt can be added to assist the controlled moving & lowering pipes into a deep trench etc.

  • Available size ranges from 32 - 630 mm
  • winching, directional drilling (HDD), and dispensing coiled pipe.
  • Simple and quick to fit or remove.
  • Fully reusable – replacement parts available.
  • Available in standard, rear eye, pressure-tight.
  • Suits all types of plastic pipes.
  • No special tooling is required.
  • Gripper set can be replaced if become worn
  • Avoids cutting or fusing the pipe.
  • Optional extra lifting eyebolt
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Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.
Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.


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