Universal Adaption Joints
Universal Adaption Joints
Universal Adaption Joints

The Advanced Piping Systems universal adaption joint is a revolutionary fitting that is made especially for HDPE piping, and will permanently fix the adaption challenge of adapting and sealing poly pipes to other pipe materials.

Whether it be cutting into, or repairing, an old existing inground service, when the universal adaption joint is connected onto an existing pipe this coupling will never pop off as traditional Gibault bolted couplers are prone to do overtime.

This coupling can adapt to cast steel or ductile iron, asbestos or fibre cement pipe, copper, and PVC as well as another PE/HDPE piping.

This coupling has also been tested and approved on some of Australia’s biggest gas utilities for the very same reason – they do not come off and they do not leak.

The adaption end of the coupling has been designed with a significant depth of socket end as well as a good adaption range that can be taken up by the elastomeric sealing teeth. When the coupling slides all the way home and bolts are tightened to the required torque – detailed on every coupling e.g, 180mm coupling requires 80Nm on all 4 bolts – this joint is not coming off even under extreme loadings. The large bolting lugs act as locators for casting into concrete thrust blocking.

The Advanced Piping Systems universal adaption joints are rated to PN16 and all come with SDR11 long spigots for buttwelding or electrofusion welding, in sizes 90mm with 84-108mm and adaption range to 400mm with 354-384mm.

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Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.
Our products are tested regularly for high quality, durability, performance and safety.


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